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    We are Riyadh cables distributor in UAE. Riyadh Cables Group of Companies (RCGC) -established in the year 1984. The production range covers Low, Medium, and High Voltage Cables up to 240 kV, Telephone, Optical Fiber, Pilot and Control Cables, Over Head Line AL & CU, ACSR, AAC, AAAC, THHN & Building Wires, and Copper Rods for the Cable Industry. Riyadh electrial wires and cables meet the international standards as well as the customers requirements. They are ISO 9001 : 2008 certified and the first cable manufacturer in Saudi Arabia to be awarded BASEC Certificate. As Riyadh electrical cables suppliers, we are doing our best to meet customer requirements.


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    Riyadh cables low voltage cables include PVC and XLPE insulations of Copper or Aluminium, un-armoured and armoured cables, single and multicore constructions along with a different range of sheathing options. Cables are categorized by insulation and armouring. Riyadh electrical cables Low Voltage Cable designs use constructions covered by IEC 60502, BS 6346 and BS 5467.

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    Low Voltage Cables Conductors. Conductors of power cables electrical wires and cables shall be of Copper or Aluminium, circular standed(Non-compacted or Compacted) or Shaped, Class 2 to IEC 60228, BS EN 60228.

    Low Voltage Cables Insulation. XLPE material and thickness of armoured cables or unarmoured cables shall be as per IEC 60502 or BS 5467 rated for 90°C continuous operation. PVC material and thickness shall be as per IEC 60502 or BS 6346. PVC insulation Material-Type A as per IEC 60502 or TI1 as per BS EN 50363.


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    Brand Name: Riyadh Cables
    Place of Origin: Saudi Arabia
    Insulation Material: PVC/PE/XLPE
    Conductor Material: Copper
    Color: Black/Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/YG
    Specification: Size range from 1.5-630mm2
    Cable type: Non-armoured/Armoured cables
    Market:United Arab Emirates

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  • Riyadh Cable Group as a leading manufacturer of wire and cables, they aim to be the best electrical cables suppliers by supplying quality products on time with the best service. Stringent Quality Assurance measures are implemented in all stages of production from raw material to cable performance by a central Quality Assurance Department. Riyadh cables quality control ensure the quality and guarantee.

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  • Quality policy of Riyadh Cables Group of Companies, RCGC is to lead the region (Middle East) in Design, Development, Manufacture and supply of Low Voltage, Medium Voltage, High Voltage Power Cables, Over Head Conductors, Electric Wires and Wiring Cables, Control Cables, Service Drop cables Manufacture of Telephone Cables, Copper rod and PVC according to I.E.C., A.E.I.C, S.A.S.O, A.S.T.M, DIN, VDE, ITU, STC, REA, RUS standards & other customer specifications. They ensure that Riyadh wires and cables consistently perform to their intended use safely and reliably.

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