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    Thomsun general trading are uae High Density Polyethylene Pipes Akatherm HDPE pipes suppliers and distributors in UAE for many years. As the best Dubai HDPE pipes suppliers, we plays an important roles in satisfying customers needs and requirement by offering good quality hdpe drainage pipes. Thomsun general trading LLC are aiming to be the leading Dubai HDPE pipes suppliers High Density Polyethylene Pipes hdpe drainges pipes suppliers in UAE. We strongly believe that Akatherm HDPE pipes with good quality and competitive price will win a certain market in Dubai UAE market, which will add value to Akatherm consumers as well as Thomsun General Trading LLC.


    Akatherm hdpe pipes suppliers

    Akatherm HDPE pipes offers more than just a soil & waste system. Like other dubai hdpe pipes solutions, it comes with a comprehensive level of support. All HDPE pipes systems are backed by dedicated software, full training and unique products. As Dubai hdpe pipes suppliers of Akatherm, we take it our responsibility to meet customers needs and satisfy them by provding good service.
    High Density Polyethylene is a flexible and tough material, highly resistant to mechanical stress and impact even at low temperatures. Akatherm HDPE piping system has a complete product range consisting of hdpe pipes and fittings from 40 mm to 315 mm. It includes a wide range of branches, bends, traps,sanitary and connection fittings.

  • hdpes drainage pipes features

    Akatherm HDPE pipes has a high temperature and chemical resistance which makes it ideal for drainage in residential housing, commercial kitchens and laundries. Akatherm Dubai hdpe pipes are flexible and tough for installation underground and embedded in concrete. Its closed system is perfect for trade waste applications like industrial fluids where system integrity and secure homogenous connections are critical.
    Akatherm hdpe drainage pipes are able to guarantee the proper functioning of your drainage system by combining training upfront, technical support during construction and even (if required) inspection afterwards. All the Akatherm hdpe pipes have a warranty of 10 years. Compared to other Dubai hdpe pipes suppliers in uae, we have more price and quality advantages. Please download Akatherm HDPE drainage pipes catalogue or contact us directly for more information.


    Dubai HDPE pipes suppliers

    Brand Name: Akatherm HDPE soil and waste system
    Place of Origin: The Netherlands, Holland
    Material: High density polyethylene pipes
    Color: Black color
    Specification: Size range from 40 to 315mm
    Thickness: Wall thickness from 3.0 to 12.1mm
    Standards: EN1519; other international standard
    Life span: More than 50 years service life
    Application: Drainage system soil & waste system

  • Please download Akatherm High Density Polyethylene Pipes Catalogue if needed.


  • Akatherm HDPE pipes Dubai HDPE drainage pipes has following features.
    1. Durability. Akatherm HDPE soil and waste piping systems are made from (PE) polyethylene, a durable material with ​a very long life time.
    2. Security and flexibility. Akatherm HDPE soil and waste piping systems can be poured into concrete, embedded into ground or hung from the ceiling /wall/floor.
    3. Low cost of ownership. Akatherm HDPE pipes and fittings are Easy prefabrication and installation with secure joints all work together to keep a minimum total cost.

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