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    Thomsun Industries LLC is a professional PPR Pipes manufacturers and dubai ppr pipes suppliers in U.A.E. T-Mech ppr pipes and fittings are considered to be the best carrier of potable water, using the revolutionary raw material of PPR-80 of Borouge brand. T-Mech PPR plumbing system covers (polypropylene) PPR pipes and fittings for cold and hot water. As reliable ppr pipes manufacturers, we provide high quality products and excellent service to satisfy our customers' needs. For the past years, Thomsun Industries LLC had earned the title 'the best dubai ppr pipes suppliers' and 'the leading ppr pipes manufacturers' in UAE. T-Mech ppr piping system possesses good durability, recyclability & environment friendly characteristics. Welcome to contact us for any question or enquiries for T-Mech ppr piping system ppr pipes and fittings.


    polypropylene pipes raw material

    1.Meaning. PPR pipes = polypropylene random copolymer type 3 pipes.
    2.Raw Material. PPR pipes are made of Polypropylene Random Copolymer (PPR-C) approved for the production of pipes according to DIN8077/78 standards. It is specially developed for the use and construction of hot and cold water distribution systems in addition to a wide range of hydro sanitary application.
    3.Technical Process.The thermoplastic resin raw material allows PPRC pipes to be produced by extrusion, and PPR fittings by mould injection by raising the temperature.
    4.Color.There are mainly 3 colors including gray, white; green ppr pipes and fittings in the market. Generally, white and green PPR pipes are better than gray ppr pipes.

  • Dubai ppr pipes suppliers

    We are the leading ppr pipes manufacturers and dubai ppr pipes suppliers in UAE. You are warmly welcome to visit our factory. welcome to contact us for any questions or enquiries, ppr pipes and fittings price list could be provided if needed. Email can be sent to sales@thomsuntrading.com or sales@thomsunin.ae for any questions.


    dubai ppr pipes manufacturers

    Brand Name: T-Mech PPR piping system
    Place of Origin: United Arab Emirates.
    Material: PPR Raw Material from Borouge
    Color: Green (white can be customized)
    Specification: Size range from 20-110mm
    Thickness: Wall thickness 2.0-18.3mm
    Standards: DIN8076/8077/8078
    Certifications: EXOVA, DVGW, SKZ
    Non-toxic:No heavy metal additives
    Application:Hot and cold water supply
    Market: Local, GCC, Africa, worldwide

  • Please click here to download T-Mech PPR Piping System Catalogue for your reference.


  • T-Mech PPR Piping System can be used in below applications:
    1. PPR pipes and fittings are used in HVAC and compressed air system
    2. PPR pipes are used in Heating pipe for residential building
    3. PPR pipes and fittings used in Pipe network for agricultural and Horticultural use
    4. PP-R pipes are used in Potable water supply in residential buildings, hospitals, etc.
    5. PPR plumbing pipes are used in pipe networks for solar plants
    6. Pipe networks for rainwater utilization System, swimming pool facilities
    7. Industrial use for transport of pressurized air and aggressive fluids (acids, etc)
    8. Chilled water networks in air conditioning system as a corrosion free pipe.

    ppr piping system applications
  • Thomsun Industries LLC is one of UAE largest PPR pipes manufacturers of (PPR-C) plumbing pipe system under the brand name T-Mech. T-Mech PPR piping system is ideal for installation in potable water pipe networks, for cold and hot installations including those in residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, office & school buildings and solar plants as mentioned aboved. T-Mech PPR plumbing system can be used in pipe networks for rainwater utilization systems like those in the compressed air plants, swimming pool facilities and so on. T-Mech PPR pipes and fittings can be installed on the walls providing a more practical, easier, quicker, cleaner, and economical plumbing system. ​ T-Mech PPR pipes assures absolute high standards of quality control, OEM service are acceptable for future business development. The most importantly, our price is competitive than other ppr pipes suppliers and ppr pipes manufacturers in UAE.