Wavin As low noise PVC drainage pipes


    Wavin AS is the world’s best-performing & most frequently installed low noise waste water system. We have been WAVIN AS low noise drainage pipes suppliers and distributors in UAE for many years. As a trustable PVC drainage pipes suppliers, we plays an important part in satisfying customers needs and requirement by offering high quality PVC drainage pipes. Thomsun general trading LLC are aiming to be the leading soundproofing pipes and low noise drainage pipes and fittings supplier in UAE.

    wavin as low noise drainage pipes

    Wavin AS low noise drainage pipes and fittigns reduces sound emission from the soil and waste system to an absolute maximum. This soundproofing pipes achieve low noise through adjusted wall thickness and density:5.3 mm for 110 mm pipes and 1.9kg/dm3. Wavin AS PVC pipes fittings outperforms all other systems on the market. It is the world’s first choice of low-noise soil and waste. Over 25 years, this low noise drainage pipes has become the first choice of architects and designers. Wavin as soundproofing drainage pipes beats cast iron since it has in most situations superior noise insulating properties. It is lighter and easier to install. Its secure push-fit rubber connections and corrosion-free components deliver a long lifetime of trouble-free service.

  • low noise souldproofing pipes

    Wavin AS low noise drainage pipes and fittings has become the system of choice wherever silent operation matters. It is used in apartments and residential homes; in schools and universities; hospitals, hotels and offices. It’s even used in Milan’s La Scala, the world’s most famous opera house. Wavin AS soundproofing pvc drainage pipes and fittigns are parts of an extensive range of products for domestic and commercial environments. They work as well in gravity-fed rainwater systems as in environments such as commercial kitchens, with their high temperatures and greasy water.


    wavin as low noise drainge pipes

    Brand Name: Wavin As low noise drainage pipes
    Place of Origin: The Federal Republic of Germany
    Material: Astonlan; polypropylene
    Color: Gray color
    Specification: Size range from 56 to 200mm
    Thickness: Wall thickness from 4.0 to 6.2mm
    Fire resistance: DIN4102, b2
    Life span: More than 50 years service life
    Application: Drainage system soil & waste system


    wavin sitech soil & waste system

    Brand Name: Wavin Sitech+ soil and waste pipes
    Place of Origin: Italy, the Italian Republic
    Material: Polypropylene with added minerals
    Color: Black color
    Specification: Size range from 32 to 160mm
    Thickness: Wall thickness from 1.8 to 5.6mm
    Fire resistance: DIN4102, b2
    Life span: More than 50 years service life
    Application: Drainage system soil & waste system


  • Low-noise is the segment within the soil & waste market that is growing fastest, mainly due to increased demand for living comfort by end-customers. Wavin SiTech+ is a mineral reinforced polypropylene (PP) water discharge system that is easy to install and reduces the noise mainly due to its heavier fittings.

    wavin sitech+ pvc drainage pipes

    1. LOW NOISE. 20% heavier fittings sets a higher standard for low-noise soil and waste systems. Wavin SiTech+ soundproofing drainage pipes and fittings is a high performance system that reduces the acoustics of water flow.
    2. EASY INSTALLATION. Ribbed fittings provide enhanced grip for easy installation in complex situations. Apply Wavin SiTech+ drainage pipes for any project from small renovations to large-scale jobs. Labour cost can be reduced in a sense.
    3. ANGULAR ROTATION GUIDANCE. Fittings have different markings at 15° and 45° intervals for easy alignment during installation. Easy align fittings when you need to position them at a rotated angle.
    4. NEW BLACK COLOR. The black color of wavin sitech+ low noise drainage pipes and fittings adds to the durability and robustness. Black color improves protection against UV radiation, is less sensitive to dirt and gives the system a professional appearance.