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    Thomsun general trading llc has been schneider electric distributor in dubai uae for many years. Schneider electric wiring devices has evolved to be a globe leading company in energy management. Along the way, Schneider electric have contributed to the transformation of industries with an innocative, international, and responsible mindset. As Schneider electric wiring devices distributors, we help people to make the most of their energy. Schneider Electrical offers solutions that represent the best in lifestyle and innocation for homes, hotels and offices, including award-winning designs and patented technologies to help the finest architechtures achieving more while using less. Long-term success providing clean and safe energy access solutions. Schneider wall switches & sockets can offer you wonderful energy saving solutions.


    schneider vivace switches & sockets

    The Schneider Vivace are switches & sockets sets that perfectly complements the modern lifestyle. Inspired by the simple, elegant minimalism of the supremely influential Bauhaus movement, every piece in this robustly constructed range expresses a pleasing form following function. The vivace seriers switches & sockets are the most preferable products for their simple design and competitive price.

  • schneider weatherproof switches & sockets

    The conventional approach to achieve waterproof protection for wall switches & sockets is to add a waterproof cover that closes over an electricity point and keeps it dry. But typically these covers don’t offer full-time protection. They must be opened to access the switches & sockets – the protection is gone when you need it most. With its patent-pending design, Kavacha series wall switches & sockets Full-time Weatherproof Covers enable electrical points to be operative even when the covers are closed. You get full-time protection if someone touches the area with wet hands. You get uninterrupted safety, full-time protection for complete peace of mind, across the entire Kavacha range.

  • Schneider electric wiring devices details

    electrical wiring devices suppliers

    Brand Name: Schneider Electrical
    Place of Origin: France
    Established: In the year of 1836
    Elegible Products ranges:
    1. Final Distribution: Easy9 MCB, RCCB
    2. Cable Management: Floor box, Trunking
    3. Sensors: Standard indoor sensors
    4. Wiring Devices: Wall switches & Sockets
    5. Emmergency lighting & control.
    6. Network Connectivity.
    7. Ulti EZinstall3

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  • The Ultimate range of wiring accessories features subtle curved profiles and minimal back projections carefully designed to ensure ease of installation. They are available in slim line moulded configurations, flat plate and screwless. A full modular grid range compliments each of the metal plate finishes and colours, including stainless steel, polished chrome. We are schneider electrical wiring devices suppliers and authorized Schneider electric distributors in UAE. Welcome to contact us for any enquiries.

    schneider electric wiring devices distributor
  • 1.Screwless flat plate. Ultimate screwless flat plate provides one of the most comprehensive ranges of beautifully crafted, sleek, sophisticated fittings on the market.
    2.Ultra slim flat plate.The ultra-slim Ultimate flat plate range is all about superior engineering and urbane style. This is a easy installation wall switches & sockets.
    3.Low profile.The Ultimate low profile range provides an ideal upgrade for white moulded and is a perfect solution for uneven surfaces with 5mm raised edges.
    4.White moulded.The Ultimate switches and sockets white moulded range offers a stylish, modern alternative to traditional square edge wiring accessories.
    5.Ultimate grid.The comprehensive Ultimate grid system has been specially designed to bring beauty and style to commercial spaces.
    Thomsun General Trading LLC are schneider electric distributors and electrical wiring devices suppliers. We supply high quality wall switches & sockets in Dubai UAE.